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Started and helmed by dedicated and passionate teachers, The Keen Learners is the place to be for all aspiring student scholars! Our core belief is that every keen learner deserves an equally devoted mentor who can guide him/her to success. With willingness at the heart of what we do, we strive to better our students by both building on their core content knowledge and challenging their misconceptions.

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Featured Subject

Many say Social Studies is impossible to score in.

Students feel that the subject is dry and find it challenging to:

1.Comprehend sources in the Source Based Questions (SBQ) section

2. Provide adequate general knowledge to answer Structured Response Questions (SRQ)

Is cramming the textbook enough to get your distinction?


Answering Techniques

Knowing how to use content knowledge with the correct answering technique is imperative to scoring well in Social Studies. To maximize their marks, we target students' weaknesses in answering Source Based Questions (SBQ) and Structured Response Questions (SRQ) through weekly exposure and training to provide exam-oriented answers.

Studying Techniques

Many students feel overwhelmed with the content required for Social Studies. With our exam-oriented teaching and studying techniques, we help students to concisely structure their knowledge and apply with skills so that they can go beyond mere rote memorization to excel in the subject

General Knowledge & Perspectives

Social Studies requires some level of knowledge about real world affairs, especially in Singapore. Our lessons equip students with the knowledge and perspective required for higher level critical thinking to score higher marks for Social Studies.


Hui Ying shared that she can cope with AMath better now. Thank you for your guidance for the past year and she's definitely built her confidence in this subject.

Hui Ying’s Parent
A Maths,  Tanjong Katong Girls’ School (2021)

Teacher Lynette's systematic teaching method really helped my son to appreciate History and Social Studies and found the right way to approach the two subjects. His grades improved from C6 to a A1 in O Level. This is one enrichment center that really guaranteed results and beyond!

George’s Parent
SS/Hist, Maris Stella High (2021)

Thank you so much Mr Low for your guidance and patience towards Tricia. She is lucky to have you by her side for Physics and Chemistry. She has indeed done very well, out of my expectations.

Tricia’s Parent
Pure Chemistry and Pure Physics, Cedar Girls’ Secondary (2020)