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Started and helmed by teachers dedicated and passionate, The Keen Learners is the place to be for all aspiring student scholars! Located in both Toa Payoh and Hougang, we specialise in 'O' Level Humanities, Maths, and Science. Over the years, we have successfully helped many students improve from fails to passes, and from passes to distinctions!

Our core belief is that every keen learner will be able to find an equally dedicated teacher, one who not only teaches but also mentors, not only instructs but also demonstrates.

With willingness at the heart of what we do, we strive to better our students by both building on their core content knowledge and challenging their misconceptions.

Only at The Keen Learners, where the willing excel!

Why Should Your Child Enroll At The Keen Learners?

1) Class sizes of 5 or fewer students to ensure your child is able to maximise their learning

2) Our group of experienced tutors can personalise and cater to students of different levels and abilities

3) Regular feedback is provided so that you are able to track the learning journey of your child

'O' Level Mastery Classes

Our 'O' Level Mastery Classes are catered to help students gain subject content knowledgedevelop answers that gain the most marks based on question requirements, and hone specific and result-proven exam techniques with which to master the 'O' Levels and Achieve an A!

Classes are conducted in a small-group setting with a maximum of only 5 students per class.

Subjects Offered

Social Studies

In every Social Studies Mastery Class, students will be exposed to a wide range of readings, covering local contemporary issues, and will participate in class discussions to invoke critical thinking. This better prepares students to tackle key SRQs (Structured Response Questions) regardless of the issues being tested in the exam. On top of that, Ms. Tan, our 'O' Level Humanities Specialist, provides secret techniques to her students to help them answer complex SBQs (Source Based Questions).This is why our students can score an A in their exams!


For our Geography Mastery Classes, Ms. Tan focuses on skills to allow students to answer every question with precision. Ms. Tan supplements students with up-to-date top schools' exam papers and also topical questions collated from a wide variety of sources, hence allowing students to gain maximum exposure to go on and succeed in their exams.


With Ms. Tan's secret techniques for SBQs, no question is too difficult or too complex for students of our History Mastery Classes! By providing easy-to-digest timelines and mind-maps, Ms. Tan simplifies huge chucks of the 'O' Level History content, making history fun and interesting. Using tried-and-proven methods, Ms. Tan imparts powerful essay writing techniques to allow students to gain a strong foundation on how to answer SEQs (Structured Essay Questions) to score maximum marks. That way, students can be sure to ace their exams!


In our Chemistry Mastery Classes, students will gain the knowledge to identify important key words and phrases in questions, decipher their implied meanings and craft out an answer that will gain them full marks in the exams! By using mind-maps to bridge content knowledge across topics, Mr. Low places emphasis on how students can approach tough questions and develop accurate answers to precisely answer questions, saving precious exam time wasted on overthinking and overwriting, thereby ensuring students an A! 

E. Maths

Under the expert guidance of Mr. Low, our 'O' Level Maths and Science Specialist, students will gain the confidence to tackle the very subject of their nightmares: Maths! By focusing on basics, such as algebra and manipulation, the habitual careless mistakes of many students can be addressed and removed entirely. Mr. Low also provides students with problem-solving tips and tricks that students can use to streamline their way to an A! 

A. Maths

The A. Maths Mastery Classes places a premium on having an unwavering foundation in algebra and the ability to approach a problem from a different perspective, so that our students will not be surprised by a question, but questions will be surprised by our students' ability to solve them instead! Mr. Low imparts powerful and effective problem-solving techniques to his students which will allow them to face any question head-on and ensure a distinction in their exams.

Student Results

2020 'O' Level Results: Humanities

Lynette O Level result 2020 (A3) (revised)

2020 'O' Level Results: Maths and Science

Nigel O Level Results 2020 (A3)

2019 'O' Level Results: Humanities

Lynette result 2019 (time)

2019 'O' Level Results: Maths & Science

Nigel Student Exam Results 2019 (A4 printing)

2018 'O' Level Results: Humanities

Lynette 2018 O Level Results

2018 'O' Level Results: Maths & Science

2018 O Level Results (Nigel)

2017 'O' Level Results: Humanities

Student Exam Results 2017 (Lynette) (1)

2017 'O' Level Results: Maths & Science

Student Exam Results 2017 (Nigel)

2017 'N(A)' Level Results

2016 'O' Level Results

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Meet Our Teachers

Ms. Tan

Humanities Specialist

Ms. Tan graduated with a Master of Education (Curriculum and Teaching) from NIE, and also holds an MSc (Finance) and a BSc (Economics and Management). She specialises in teaching Economics, Social Studies, Geography and History, and possesses a wealth of experience under her belt, having tutored students from top schools such as Raffles Institution (IP), Cedar Girls' Secondary School, Victoria Secondary, Nanyang JC, Victoria JC and Hwa Chong Institution etc. She was previously the Head of Department (HOD) Academics (Humanities) in a private school offering full-time ‘O’ Level courses. At The Keen Learners, she develops the 'A' Level Economics, and 'O' Level Social Studies, Geography, and History curricula, and she has recently co-published the O Level (History and Geography) Essay Guide. With her tried-and-proven methods, she has consistently produced stellar results, with more than 90% of students attaining As and Bs every year. Ms. Tan has been teaching 'A' Level Economics at the Centre for the past 6 years, with students consistently seeing an average 3-grade improvement.

Mr. Low

Maths and Science Specialist

Mr. Low was a mentor to his juniors and peers in both secondary school and JC, before moving on to tutoring while earning his BSc (majoring in Chemistry) from NUS. Since then, he has been teaching Maths and the Sciences at the ‘O’ Levels for the past 8 years, with students hailing from Singapore Chinese Girls' School, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School, Crescent Girls' School, Maris Stella High School, to name a few. Mr. Low develops the 'A' Level Chemistry, and 'O' Level Maths, Chemistry, and Physics syllabuses at the Centre, to effectively targets students’ weaknesses and develops strategies for students to gain the most marks out of their answers. As such, his students have improved up to 6 grades every single year. Mr. Low has also recently attained his MSc (Life Sciences) (Chemistry) from NTU.

Ms. Teo

Language & Humanities Specialist

A government scholar, Ms. Teo holds a Masters degree in International Relations from NTU. She previously graduated from NUS with a First Class Honours for her Bachelors degree in Political Science and Economics. She develops the 'A' Level General Paper and 'O' Level History syllabuses, and has been teaching at the Centre for the past 3 years. Ms. Teo has recently co-published the O Level (History and Geography) Essay Guide. With her exam-focused techniques, students under her tutelage have seen massive improvements in a short period of time.


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